Aggregation App

Aggregation App The Aggregation App collects and aggregates automatically traceability information about a given end or intermediate product. This app is based on the Query App and the Discovery App. Authorized requesters should get: place/ date of birth, date/ location of slaughtering of the processed animals; list of all parties who had custody of a product; list of distribution centres/ retail stores a product has been shipped to.

Developer :EECC
Contact :Falk Nieder (

Different groups of users along and outside of the supply chain will gain benefits. Authorities and regulators have easier control and regulation enforcement. The new system enables fast, effective, surgical response in case of meat alerts. This will result in less critique by the media and the general public, more confidence and trust by the consumers and the society as a whole for the responsible authorities. Furthermore, the new system makes investing in sustainable production and animal welfare more lucrative, as consumers are informed by what farmers and other supply chain parties do for healthy food produced in a sustainable and animal friendly way. Products can be better based on requirements of consumers and meat supply chain parties. Finally, the new transparency system will facilitate optimising every partner’s business process and improve investment decisions. The Discovery App uses a central register with URN/URI, linking to the EPCIS data that may be stored in a supply chain company owned database.

Entering a Global Location Number of a meat supply chain party (GLN) or entering a GTIN (or LGTIN or SGTIN) of a meat intermediate or end product will reconstruct and present all events that are related to that company or piece of meat

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