Complaint Management App An app that alllows customers to register their complaints about a product and a company to manage the received complaints

Developer : OPEKEPE
Contact :

Allows an end-customer to register a complaint about a product.

Allows a company to associate complaint reasons with actions to be taken.

It allows a farmer to interconnect the application with either the ESIT (Hellenic National System of Food Traceability) traceability system or its farm management system and retrieve information from them in order to perform a basic complaint analysis either performing a standard set of checks for a number of agricultural products or performing rule-checking against the procedure transcribed by ESIT.

Allows a company to manage the complaints they receive. View their priorities, analyse them, delete them, order them etc.

Application Details
  • Name : Complaint Management app
  • Type : Web (HTML5/JS), Widget
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis : Google Chrome v43.0, Mozilla v34.0
  • Demo : (Complaint Registration), (Complaint Management)
  • Video :
  • License : GNU \GPL v2.0,