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Consumer App - TaPIAApp Consumers want to know what they eat. Next to the price of meat they want to buy, they want to know where it comes from, if it is healthy, organic, halal, or kosher; and is it produced in a sustainable and animal friendly way? But so far they mainly have to rely on the limited information on paper labels. This app provides extensive digital information with a possibility for providing feedback The Consumer App is a ‘consumer’ variant of the Aggregation App and provides an agreed subset of traceability data to end-consumers. It is developed in collaboration with the Tailored Information for Consumers trial (TIC).

Developer :ATOS and EECC
Contact :Javier Romero, - Falk Nieder ( )

Consumers are more and more interested in what they eat. The new transparency system enables them to easily find the requested information. What kind of meat is it? At which farm was it born and how is it raised there? Was its treated in an animal friendly and sustainable way? Answers to these questions (and in the future even more) are provided by the new meat transparency system and presented by the Consumer App.

Consumers can specify a profile of aspects on food and other supermarket products they are interested in, such as dynamic data (date of slaughtering, place of birth, etc.), but also static product data (weight, ingredients, etc.), master data (location of the slaughterhouse, etc.) and marketing information (pictures, certificates, videos, etc.). Scanning the QR-label on a meat product will provide meat information instantly according to the created profile.

Tracking of products should stop at the retailer to protect the consumers privacy.

Application Details
  • Name :Consumer App - TaPIA
  • Type : Widget
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis :Android, IOS
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