General Questions

What information is shared in FIspace between individual companies (apps)?

Information is exchange between apps without interaction of Fispace. Fispace only conducts the business flow, but specific message is exchange between apps directly.

Could you provide examples of generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms to understand better what our project is?

FIspace is a specific enabler of FI-WARE, for more information about GEs please visit the FI-WARE catalogue:

Is there a test account available for FISpace?

Yes, it is going to be available for internal use for the open call developers

Who are the end users of FI WARE? Do users need to log in through a personified FI WARE environment or not?

As a B2B collaboration platform, business companies, entities or organization are direct end users of the platform. Those users should create an account in the specific instance of FIspace in order to get grant access and use the API provide

Which FIWARE accelerators are using/promoting FIspace platform?

FRACTALS, FInish, SmartAgriFood, SpeedUP!

Questions from Developers

Could you explain an example of using FI-WARE technologies with FIspace (for instance, could you tell me how to link the output of GE Orion Context Broker or GE Cosmos to FIspace)? technologies (GE different from Wirecloud) with FIspace?

Fispace uses wirecloud as widget container and Wstore + infrastructural Ges related to wstore in order to fulfill the store functionalities

I would like to have a description of the REST interface used to communicate with the Apps?

Message exchanges between app is defined based on the specific case. If my app implements a weather condition scenario, I define the message with required attributes, I integrate this message to a common core and I expose the message to be use by others.

Regarding SDK, you can find more information in : for no java based application, the rest API to connect to FIspace SDI is provided in the following url:

Is it possible for an App to know who is logged in?

Yes it is possible by a query to the authentication server

Do all apps have access to the same data, or can I hide data, which should only be shown to some users?

Data is exchange between the apps, Fispace manages the business flow.

We have come a long way with our cloud app. What are considerations to take if we want to make it compatible with FI WARE?

The creation of an adapter, which connects to FIspace. Regarding of data, either you define your data model in FIspace core, or you use already existing and mapping to yours

The data used by our application should be in SDI or can be in an external database?

Fispace in general and SDI concretely, doesn’t store any data, just conduct the business flow of message which allows apps to exchange data

Questions from Business Architects

Could you describe an example of an IoT app that makes a good use of FI-WARE

Repository GE as data collector

Is FIspace the appropriate framework to develop an applications that involve only a single business and end clients?

Fispace makes possible the business ecosystem, it could be used but unique business and end clients will not take advantage of Fispace power. Similar case is to have a data base with one table

We offer a solution to a specific problem, is the role of business architect then still necessary? Can you give us a brief illustration of the role of business architect?

There are two approaches to FIspace, Business Architect and Application Developer. The first one provides "the idea" while the second one implements it. So, try to separate both roles.