List of features related to the FIspace platform v0.16.0

List of features by target audience

Global Feature Category Main Group of Features Included
Business Collaboration (End User)
Business collaboration (End User) FIspace User GUI Front-End
User registration
User login
User Profile (public / private) management
Business & Social networking - notification, email, chat / message, news
Business & Social networking - Follower, Likes
Business & Social networking - Reputation / Recommendation / Suggestion
Business & Social networking - Friends / Companies suggestions
Business & Social networking - Basic User Analytics, measurement of profile completed
GUI customization - Themes
GUI customization - Languages customization
GUI customization - Enable / Disable features)
Account management
Oauth client management
Roles management (application developers, business architects, end users)
Company Profile management
My Community management
Partnership management
Advanced search (User, Company)
Guided Tour, Help
Help (Front-End functionalities)
Personal Kanban for task management
Geolocation integration mechanism (for user location)
GUI - Business Process (Template) management
GUI - Capability management
User GUI to access Application dashboard for Apps management (Wirecloud GUI)
User GUI to access Store Apps Offering (WStore GUI)
Channel & Trigger management (GUI) - Capabilities mapping with Business processes and Events processing
GUI and visual improvement (usability)
Developers Zone depending on the roles
FIspace Apps Developers Integration and Tools
FIspace Apps developers Integration and tools FIspace SDK & tools (plugins and studio)
SDK Apps Integration Tools based on Eclipse Plugins
SDK Apps development Tools - Project template
SDK Apps development Tools - Archetype
SDK Apps development Tools - Project Wizard
SDK Apps development Tools - Import / Export tools
SDK Preferences, perspectives, testing facilities,…
Converter and Data transformation tools
Security feature related to Oauth client administration (using secure access to FIspace platform and using public/external API, based on OAuth 2.0)
SDK Upload Publish Apps / Widget
Access to B2B - BCM Authoring tools (ACSI for BCM) - Design Business model & Business process
Access to B2B - EPM Authoring tools (Proton for EPM) - Design Complex Events Processing
SDK - BCM Configuration Wizard and BCM Configuration deployment
SDK System Data Integration testing tools
SDK Connectors API (capabilities) for Apps and Data integration for several programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, Python, .NET)
FIspace Studio (all in one executable)
Business Process definition and integration (Business Architect)
Business Process design, definition and integration (Business Architect) FIspace B2B environment and tools for Apps developer and business architects
B2B BCM Authoring tools (ACSI) - Design Business model & Business process
B2B BCM Engine and integration in FIspace platform
B2B EPM Authoring tools (Proton) - Design Complex Events Processing
B2B EPM Engine (CEP) and integration in FIspace platform
B2B API to deploy BCM configuration
B2B API to deploy EPM configuration

List of features by underlying and internal common component

Global Feature Category Main Group of Features Included
Security (SPT) and Administrative Intermediate Layer (AIL)
Security (SPT) and Administrative Intermediate Layer (AIL) FIspace platform security based on Security, Privacy and Trust (SPT) integration
Register user
Login User
IDM integration (based on open source software)
SSO (FIspace components and FIWARE GEs)
Access control management
Secure External / Public API
AIL Internal API (using cloud service bus technology)
AIL - Security functions (abstract IDM implemented and integrated)
AIL - Administrative functions (Company, Roles, OAuth client)
Support functionalities and operations (get user info,...)
Secure access by HTTPS / SSL and Certificate
Store, offering, marketplace
Store, offering, marketplace Store management to publish and upload Apps Widget
FIWARE GEs integration related to the FIWARE WStore GE dependencies (Wirecloud, Repository, Marketplace,…)
WStore GE Integration
Repository GE Integration
Marketplace integration
FIspace Store component enabling store functionalities
Secure FIspace Store component and FIWARE GE dependencies
Store API to Upload / Publish Apps as Widget
Default Payment mode - Free
Store API to validate and deploy BCM configuration
Store API to get and check / validate information of service items per users (e.g. capabilities by user)
System Data Integration, External / Public API for Apps developer
System Data Integration (SDI), External / Public API for Apps developer SDI External / Public API for Apps developer
Secure SDI API (Oauth client 2.0)
Access to B2B-BCM functionalities / features (deploy BCM configuration)
Access to B2B-EPM functionalities / features (deploy EPM configuration)
Access to Store functionalities / features (Register, Upload Apps,...)
Registry management for Capabilities and Business process
Relationship management between Capabilities and Business process
Relationship management between Event processes and Business processes
Channel and Trigger capabilities / features (sensor data streaming) oriented to IoT
Facilities to integrate Apps Domains (message, data,…)
Operative environment - Composite Service Bus (CSB)
Operative environment - Composite Service Bus (CSB) FIspace Enterprise Service Bus based on Composite Service Bus (based on Cloud Service Bus technology - component open source)
Technical infrastructure supporting Cloud Service Bus (CSB) for internal communications
Queuing management (Messaging service with persistence)
Message expiration management
Publish/subscribe management
Synchronous Request / Response
Asynchronous Request / Response
Message domains (Multi-tenancy support, separation of messaging resources in different domains)
Basic High availability
Basic Monitoring Service
Basic CSB Monitoring
Monitoring infrastructure resources/hosting


ACSIArtifact-Centric Service Interoperation
AILAdministrative Interface Layer
APIApplication Programming Interface
BCMBusiness Collaboration Module in FIspace
CEPComplex Event Processing
CSBComposite Service Bus (based on Cloud Service Bus technology)
EEExperimentation Environment
EPMEvent Processing Module in FIspace
GEGeneric Enabler
GUIGraphical User Interface
IDMIdentity Management
OAuthOpen standard Authentication protocol
ProtonIBM Proactive Technology Online
SDISystem and Data Integration layer in FIspace
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SPTSecurity, Privacy and Trust Framework
SSOSingle Sign On