Greenhouse Crop Monitoring App The Greenhouse Crop Monitoring app aims to provide advice (mainly diagnostic) services for the development of crop, triggered by greenhouse farmers’ requests. Authorized experts will be linked with several farmers and consulting firms and will have the option to access resources like previous reports or supporting material related to their work for advising the crop’s development procedure.

Developer : MOBICS
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The Crop Monitoring App addresses the remote consulting issue for greenhouse owners. Specifically, the greenhouse farmer can request for diagnosis on crop problems through a smart phone application that is available for both Android and IOS devices. The app provides all forms required for allowing the grower to insert data about his crop, maintain a calendar with crop-related events and request for diagnosis upon detection of symptoms. A diagnosis request includes all information that a professional agronomist would need in order to assess the crop problem. An important part of this information is images taken on the field and attached to a request. Finally, the grower can browse a library with information related to its crop (common diseases, symptoms, etc.).

MAIN FEATURES The main features of the app are the following: Create, view, edit or delete greenhouse historical data, View greenhouse sensor historical data of specific period,Search for particular images and diseases information that are stored in the application database, Provides the appropriate request forms for sending diagnosis requests to crop experts with plant images attached, Notification with the final diagnosis from professional agronomist or with the additional information requesting by the expert, Alerts notifications, Offline mode usage.

BENEFITS This app makes all the greenhouse management available to greenhouse farmer in an instant and easy way. Moreover, each farmer is able to view, edit or delete historical data for each one of his greenhouses, to send images directly from his mobile phone for diagnosis and finally to receive real-time notifications upon available advice.

Application Details
  • Name : Greenhouse Crop Monitoring
  • Type : Mobile
  • Supported languages : English, Greek
  • Supported basis : Android, IOS
  • Demo :
  • Video : :
  • License : Free to use