Manual Event & Deviation Reporting Mobile Application

Manual Event & Deviation Reporting Mobile Application The application provides the users with a fast and efficient way of planning and monitoring the transportation activity, without losing time and manual effort for managing the flow of the goods starting from the transportation of the purchased materials for the production activity till the delivery of finished goods to the customers.

Developer : Fincons Group s.p.a

The app aims to improve the information exchange during the transport execution process through mobile technologies. The carrier that has access to the mobile application identifies the transport/shipment of interest and reports the status of the checkpoint according the real time/ close to real time shipment status. The “Manual Event & Deviation Reporting Mobile Application” provides the carriers with all necessary details associated to a specific transport demand and creates a medium where they can report real time the status of the actions in progress associated to the checkpoints (mile stones of the plan). By using the data updates that are executed by the carrier, Logistics Responsible can monitor its shipment and manage the decisional process more effectively in case of deviations from the plan.

The application allows the actors that are responsible from the execution of the transport process to report the events, status of the shipment and deviations during the execution process. The main benefits are:

  • Report the relevant information about ongoing transport processes in real-time to each involved stakeholder
  • Easily communicate with partners to coordinate activities
  • Reduction of manual effort for reporting status & deviations

Application Details
  • Name :Transport Demand App
  • Type : Mobile
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis :Android 4.1
  • Demo :
  • Video :