FIspace is a business-to-business (B2B) collaboration platform, based on FI-WARE technologies. It targets actors in a supply chain and software service providers.

The central features of the FIspace collaboration service will be:

Our benefits:

  • FIspace services can be accessed anywhere at any time via any device;
  • The open service can be extended and customized for specific stakeholder demands by integrating tailor-made apps in the app store;
  • A domain app store facilities the marketing of targeted applications that take advantage of the collaboration and mash up services of the FIspace and its underlying FI-WARE generic enablers;
  • Integrated techniques for monitoring and tracking on the basis of data integration from the Internet of Things, including sensor systems and smart item technologies;
  • Information integration from legacy and third party systems
  • Role-based views for the individual participants in the business networks along with integrated security and privacy management for fine-grained access control to confidential information;