Query App

Query App The Query App is the backbone of the transparency system and enables standard EPCIS query operations. That means it enables queries about raw, intermediate or end-meat products. Such queries can be specific business locations, processes, time intervals, etc.

Developer :EECC
Contact :Falk Nieder (

Easily find and trace specific and complete data on a specific product.

The application filters the requested information to a specific query. If a supply chain partner (from farmer to retailer) for example needs to get a list of all companies that handled organic meat from specific young bulls (with GTIN 04251066900018) and specific heifers (with GTIN 04251066900025), the Query App will help him to get an answer.

Application Details
  • Name :Query App
  • Type : Widget
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis :Chrome, Firefox, IE
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  • Licence :Individual