RISKMAN RISKMAN provides quality managers with a fast and clear overview of risk related information along the food supply chain.

Developer : snoopmedia GmbH
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RISKMAN is collecting relevant data of a product from different sources, such as laboratory analysis, recalls, press reports, social media streams etc. The aggregated and prioritized news are provided to the quality managers, who can rank the quality of specific information items. By combing this collected data with the experts ranking, RISKMAN creates an early warning system. It empowers quality managers to react more quickly in cases of critical issues. The usage of information provided by the Product Information App (PIA) allows an easy warning of all involved actors along the supply chain.

Configure your risk related data sources, like Eurofins reports. Add more data sources, like social media streams, to get a broader overview. Have a look at your dashboard to get an overview of the currently most important, risk-related topics. Get access to the details of an information item, like a full Eurofin report, by a simple click. Rate the relevance of information.

Benefits Central point for all relevant risk information for a product from different data sources (like laboratory analysis, product recalls, social media streams etc.).

Consume information items rated by a community of experts.

Reduced response time by a quicker and focused overview of risk-related news.

Easily inform all actors along the supply chain about possible risks (food security etc.).

Application Details
  • Name : RISKMAN
  • Type : Web
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis : Chrome, Firefox, IE
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  • License : Proprietary