Shipment Status Mobile App

Shipment Status Mobile App The Shipment Status application supports the collaboration and the interaction between different business entities that ensure the monitoring and planning of the shipment. The audience of the application is represented by a group of users that are included in the monitoring process of a defined transport demand.

Developer :Fincons Group s.p.a

The objective of the Shipment Status application is provide to the users interested in the monitoring of shipments with the possibility to access real-time (or nearly real-time) information on the transport, thanks to the information supplied by other automatic services or manually reported through the “Manual Status and Deviations Reporting App”. The App can access to the Map service feature that provides a view on the status of the transport, and it offers to the users with the possibility to define several types of alerts associated to some check-points of the shipment.

The application improves the information exchange between shippers and consigners during the transport execution process. The key strengths are:

  • Improved overview and visibility of stock in transit
  • Get notified on deviations and their impact (basis for decision making)
  • More effective and cost optimized deviation management
  • Improved end-to-end collaborative supply chain planning due to information from one source

Application Details
  • Name :Transport Demand App
  • Type : Mobile
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis :Android, IOS
  • Demo :
  • Video :