Shopping list & Recipes

Shopping list & Recipes The application includes both the Android and IOS version, each of which offers three major types of functionalities: shopping List management, recipes management, and product info management.

Developer : CBT

For the product info management function: users can customize product and recipe information by configuring catalogues in the profile of the main shopping list menu.

For the shopping list management function: users can create/edit/mark/share the favorite of the shopping list through typing or voice.

For the Recipe function, customers can view/vote/save the recipes provided by Plusfresc. In addition, customers can check/vote/save the specific recipe in their personal recipes.

For functional mutual recursion: user can add a new product name to a selected shopping list from the supermarket product catalogue directly, and check the shopping lists added with the product.

Application Details
  • Name : MyProducARe -Shopping list & Recipes
  • Type : Mobile
  • Supported languages : Spanish
  • Supported basis : Android 4.4, IOS
  • Demo :
  • Video :
  • License :Free Commercial Software