Supply Chain Quality Monitoring App

To optimise supply chains for flower and plants delivery, quality conditions are important inputs. In this trial, innovative technologies are combined to realise real-time management of flower and plants conditions all through the supply chain. It combines technologies in the field of tracking & tracing like RFID, quality monitoring like wireless sensor networks and Internet like cloud computing and web services.

  • ‘Item tracking & tracing’ for real time tracking and tracing of product through the supply chain
  • ‘Product quality alerts’ for alerting when norms and limits are reached or violated for timelines, conditions or other relevant factors.
  • ‘Conditions monitoring’ for real time capturing and reading crucial environmental quality conditions (e.g. light, relative humidity, and temperature) .

How it works

The system consists of several applications designed to support supply chain business partners. Together they are able to help controlling the conditions that influence the quality of flowers and plants.

Real-time monitoring of flowers and plants enabled by barcode and RFID technology.

Mobile applications for easy registration of containers in various process steps at different locations (e.g. receiving products at location of wholesaler)


  • Real-time insights in status and location of products.
  • Real-time alerts about conditions (illumination, humidity and temperature) to the correct person who is able to intervene.
  • Capturing condition measures which might have impact on product quality throughout the chain.
  • Better prediction of quality of products when supplied to retailer, as history in supply chain is known.

Developers of the application and contact person

Mieloo & Alexander Business Integrators