Traffic Light App

Traffic Light App This app allows supermarket customers to access important information about certain product attributes they might find useful. The app shows in a clear way if the attribute associated to the product is in a dangerous level, a normal level or a good level based on rules previously defined.

Developer : UPM

The Traffic Light App displays product information where each attribute is colored in green, amber or red based on whether it is considered low, medium or high respectively, according to the following table:

per 100 grams low (green) medium (amber) high (red)
fat ≤ 3,0 gr. > 3,0 gr. and ≤ 20,0 gr. > 20,0 gr.
saturates ≤ 1,5 gr. >1,5 gr. and ≤ 5,0 gr. > 5,0 gr.
sugar ≤ 5,0 gr. > 5,0 gr. and ≤ 12,5 gr. > 12,5 gr.
salt ≤ 0,3 gr. > 0,3 gr. and ≤ 1,5 gr. > 1,5 gr.

Products are identified by their EAN Code, which is captured either manually or by using a Barcode Scanner also installed.

Product information considers kcals, fats, sugar and salt of the product.

In advanced options view the user is able to change the server end-point to select other product database. Currently the product database is provided by FIspace App Product Info TIC with Plusfresc’s products.

Application Details
  • Name :Traffic Light App
  • Type : Mobile
  • Supported languages : English, Spanish
  • Supported basis :Android 4.1
  • Demo : Code at FISPACE Bitbucket by request
  • Video :
    From 1:35 to 1:49
  • License :Common license under FIspace