Transport Demand App

Transport Demand App The Shipment Status application supports the collaboration and the interaction between different business entities that ensure the monitoring and planning of the shipment. The audience of the application is represented by a group of users that are included in the monitoring process of a defined transport demand.

Developer :Fincons Group s.p.a

The “Transport Demand App” is used by the users in order to initiate the demand description. In the Transport Demand entity all information related to the shipment demand are kept in order to provide them to internal decision processes and submit them to the “Logistics Planning Services App (LPA)”, which is a baseline App envisaged by FIspace for handling the planning process.

The App communicates with other FIspace applications:

  • “Logistics Planning Services” Baseline App receives the transport demands and triggers the planning process.
  • “Shipment Status App” (developed by FINCONS) retrieves the transport demand details to make it available to the users during the shipping process

  • Seamless collaboration on transport demand creation process
  • Monitoring the status of transport demand thanks the collaboration between the Transport Demand App and the Shipment Status App
  • Notification management during transport order creation

Application Details
  • Name :Transport Demand App
  • Type : Web
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis :IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • Demo :
  • Video :