Doing business these days is more complex then ever. Global trade, cost pressure, legally imposed reporting and data storing obligations are just some of the challenges that businesses face. At the same time, new technology holds big potential to react to these challenges. Tracking logistics, for example, connecting humans and devices to the Internet and to each other or follow business production- and delivery processes is nothing difficult any more. FIspace is here to provide you with the tools for the 21st century business marketplace.

First steps

Learn how easy it is to develop new, smart and innovative business apps on FIspace. Use the SDK to quickly develop and upload your first app to the FIspace store.

Discover our Apps

More than 20 apps are currently developed. They address multiple challenges from different sectors, like agri-food, transport and logistics.


FIspace is enabling collaborative business networks in agri-food, transport and logistics by providing a platform based on FI-WARE Future Internet technologies.


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From local farmers who want to better grow their crop and offer their products on the market to logistics companies that want to track their shipments around the world in more detail. FIspace can help multiple industries.