FIspace provides reusable Apps addressing various challenges of farmers, growers, transporters, retailers, service providers and many more.


The Crop Protection Information Sharing trial demonstrates the cooperation of different providers of information and services for optimal crop production control. This is demonstrated for Phytophthora (Late Blight) control in potatoes by cooperation of the AgroSense Farm Management Information System, the Bo-Mo weather bureau, a Phytophthora advisory service provided by DLO-PRI and a Kverneland Task Controller for agricultural equipment. This minimal configuration for Phytophthora control can be expanded by Apps that determine workability, take care of scheduling or provide sensor data.

Crop Protection Information Sharing

Weather Scenario App

High resolution weather data for agriculture. Learn more

Workability Data App

Spraying workability periods based on gathered weather forecast. Learn more

Scheduling App

Automatic scheduling of your farm operations. Learn more


Fish Distribution Planning is a critical issue in the freight forwarding industry. Main challenges are low predictability of transport demand and late shipment booking cancellations. The Fish Distribution Planning Trial is about planning of transport operations, and builds on the interaction between shipping line and their customers. The business interaction model using the FIspace collaboration platform describes how ship operators can better anticipate cancellations and search efficiently for replacement cargo on the e-market place, while cargo owners can benefit from easier booking process, real-time information and benchmarking of transport services.

Fish Distribution (Re-)planning


Match-making between transport offers and demand made easy. Learn more


The management of product quality is of vital importance in supply chains of fresh produce such as flowers and plants. This trial demonstrates the possibilities of Future Internet technologies for dynamic Quality Controlled Logistics in floricultural supply chains. The trial system will provide practical functionalities in particular for real-time access to quality information including ambient conditions (e.g. temperature), early warning in case of deviations and prediction of remaining shelve life.

Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring
Flowers & Plants Trial

Botanic Info App

Always and everywhere the availability of flowers and plants at hand. Learn more

Quality Prediction in the Horticulture chain

Predict the quality of a plant at specific points in the chain using environmental data in the history of the plant. Learn more

Quality App

Real time, chain-wide insight in flowers’ and plants’ current quality. Learn more

Supply Chain Quality Monitoring App

Quality monitoring of flowers and plants: real-time and ongoing from grower to retail. Learn more


Perishable products such as food and vegetables impose very challenging demands on the management of its supply chains. Besides that dynamically changing groups of actors with different and most often incompatible IT systems are involved. At the same time retailers and consumers are demanding more and more data about their food.

The FIspace platform addresses all these challenges with its innovative Business-to-Business Collaboration Core (B2B Core). The B2B Core enables an easy and secure data exchange along complex networks with dynamically changing business partners. By sharing and reusing digital data all actors along the supply chains can massively reduce their process costs. Interoperability is there by achieved by the usage of standardised and already adopted master data, like the GS1 GTIN. Furthermore FIspace Apps provide an immediate setup and usage with minimal related costs. In addition the available Apps PIA, BOXMAN and RISKAN are already providing a comprehensive coverage of needs of food supply chains.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


Easy as Online banking – management of returnable transport items from several pool management organizations. Learn more


Don`t miss any more information regarding critical food issues. Learn more

PIA (Product Information App)

Product Information exchange – simple but powerful Learn more


Although seemingly, ICT and Agriculture originate from disparate human needs. The first domain proves to be of upmost significance to the second, in order to facilitate modern complex business processes related to agriculture.The Greenhouse trial aims at providing to the agri-food related business stakeholders new means of taking advantage of their legacy systems by integrating them into an end-to-end solution, the FIspace platform.

The scope of the trial is the enhancement of greenhouse management and control operations in order to increase agricultural productivity and revenues as well overall facilitate the diverse food chain business processes.

Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Crop Monitoring

Crop management consulting at your finger tips! Learn more

Greenhouse Crop Analyser

Crop problem diagnosis on the cloud! Learn more

Greenhouse Monitoring & Advice

Monitor your greenhouse conditions and receive real-time advice and actions! Learn more

Search for farmers app (Marketplace Operations)

Make new collaborations, search for offers, submit your demands, all in one place! Learn more

Complaint Management app

Make your customers happy by handling their complaints in an efficient way, analyzing them and solving them once and for all! Learn more

Product Recall app

This application allows customers to see if a particular product and LOT has been recalled for food safety reasons. Learn more


In Transport & Logistics – by nature working in collaborative business networks – every stakeholder needs to know the actual status of the ongoing transport processes to properly control the respective business activities and efficiently handle often occurring deviations. This requires end-to-end visibility and seamless collaboration in logistics business networks, which can be realized on top of novel technologies for data, document, and process sharing on the cloud.

The trial is concerned with the planning and execution of logistics activity in the consumer goods sector ensuring effective planning of the related activities resulting in improved coordination, loss minimization, efficient use of resources and high customer satisfaction level.

Import & Export Consumer Goods

Shipment Status Application

Improved end-to-end supply chain visibility. Learn more

Manual Event & Deviation Reporting Mobile Application

Seamless status & deviation reporting. Learn more

Transport Demand Application (TD)

Visibility over the transport unit. Learn more


Easily obtaining full information about a piece of meat in the supply chain up until the consumer in a supermarket is still a wishful thinking. This trial aims at ensuring meat supply chain parties, regulators and consumers to have accurate information concerning where a meat product originates from (production farm) and his history along the meat supply chain.

Meat Information on Provenance

Farm Capture App

No need for an expensive Farm Management Systems to take part in chain-wide meat transparency. Learn more

Query App

Query detailed transparency information of your meat. Learn more

Discovery App

Where are all the event data stored? Learn more

Aggregation App

Supply chain parties and authorities/regulators want concise but full information on meat. Learn more

Consumer App

Do you know what you buy? Learn more


In consumers’ everyday shopping experience, awareness of the origin, harvesting and conditions of their purchased products is still limited. All that, while the complexity of where our food comes from, what it contains and under which conditions and additives it was produced, increases. Tailored Information for Consumers is thus part of the FIspace ecosystem with the focus on developing a system that helps the consumers to be more aware of the food they buy in the supermarket and consume every day.

The main challenge is the capability to collect information from the cloud This includes different providers and not a central information repository, in order to furnish an open platform with all the gathered product data from several points of the supply chain.

Taking advantage of the 3rd TIC trial Workshop in Barcelona (June 2015), Plusfresc recorded a video showing the activities addressed by the TIC trial as part of the FIspace project. It shows current consumers problems regarding product information and how FIspace appears as a tool allowing cross sectional collaboration and transparency throughout the retail chain. The video shows all the functionalities of the apps created by the TIC trial, including images of the workshop and some opinions gathered from consumers who tested the apps.

More info here

Tailored Information for Consumers

Traffic Light App

All you need to know about the product your trolley. Learn more

Product Info TIC

Product Information TIC task is to enable product information. Learn more

Tailored Product Info App – TaPIA

Know what you eat. Learn more

Shopping list & Recipes App

With one click to your shopping list. Learn more

Augmented Reality Product Info App

Through different eyes: Learn all you need to know about your favorite product with the Augmented Reality Product Info App. Learn more

Push information App

Best discounts at your fingertips. Learn more