FIspace prepares its commercial exploitation

The commercial exploitation will be supported by the FIspace project partners and the FIspace Foundation. The FIspace project partners are maintaining the results that they developed in the scope of the FIspace project (software code, documentation, the FIspace website) and the FIspace Foundation will focus on the future exploitation of the project results. The Foundation will communicate with interested parties and FIspace project partners, facilitating the process of making results available to companies that would like to commercially exploit them and that agree with the FIspace standards and its dispute resolution procedure.

This means that the FIspace Foundation will support the FIspace platform as a de facto standard with accompanying open source reference implementations. Several companies (first from within the group of FIspace project partners) will ensure commercial exploitation by making a specific instance of the platform available. This exploitation will be based on the FIspace platform standards and reference technology implementations.