Augmented Reality Product Info

Augmented Reality Product Info The application targets at providing product information through a simpler and more interactive way by scanning the specific product with the phone camera.

Developer : CBT
Contact :,

The scanning process is simple and more interactive than the traditional search in the product catalogue.

The product information such as product information, brand, votes and price will appear over the camera view. In addtion, the link of “Touch for more information” will lead the user to further details in the web browser.

The app is fully integrated with the Shopping list app which allows the customer presses the “Add to cart” button to save the product name into the Shopping list.

Application Details
  • Name : ProducARe -Augmented Reality Product Info
  • Type : Mobile
  • Supported languages : Spanish, English
  • Supported basis : Android 4.4, IOS
  • Demo :
  • Video :
  • License : Free Commercial Software