Botanic App

Botanic App This botanic app facilitates commercial parties with up-to-date product information and product codes that have to be used while trading these products.

Developer :Q-ray BV

The Botanic App offers anytime anywhere the correct product descriptions, trading codes (VBN codes) and availability to professional growers and traders in flowers and plants. Reduction of errors in communication and ordering is expected, which enhances the efficiency in the supply chain.

Growers and traders are informed about:

  • Products that can be traded
  • Trade code to be used for unique identification of the product
  • Recently introduced products
  • Detailed botanical information
  • Availability pro month

A grower or trader has the correct product identification and botanic information at hand.

Application Details
  • Name :Botanic App
  • Type :Smartphone App
  • Supported languages : Dutch
  • Supported basis :Android
  • Video :
  • Licence :n.a. (prototype)