Discovery App

Discovery App Everything that occurs with meat, from birth of a calve until packaging for retailers has to be seen as an event that is stored in some EPCIS repository, whether from the supply chain party itself, or some shared repository. Many other apps, Query App, the Aggregation App and the

Developer :EECC
Contact :Falk Nieder (

The Discovery App allows to store EPCIS events in distributed repositories. This will encourage to share data with supply chain partners and consumers, as the company has full control on its data and which part is shared with whom.

The Discovery App uses a central register with URN/URI, linking to the EPCIS data that may be stored in a supply chain company owned database.

Application Details
  • Name :Discovery App
  • Type : Widget
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis :Chrome, Firefox, IE
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  • Licence :Individual