Farm Capture App

Farm Capture App The simple, web-page-like app enables farmers to copy animal passport data (and more) as EPCIS events and master data on other aspects to an EPCIS repository. Other supply chain parties can capture and upload their events from their ERP systems and together compile the full data circle of the marketed meat product.

Developer :EECC
Contact :Falk Nieder (

This app facilitates the work of farmers and enables integration of farmers in the EPCIS based meat transparency system. The information flows from farmers throughout the supply chain (slaughterhouse, meat processors, distributors and retailers) to consumers. This way, farmers can communicate their efforts in regard of animal friendliness, organic farming, sustainable production, restricted use of antibiotics, etc. to consumers. Furthermore, consumers can give feedback to the farmer, whose meat they bought. Supported by such direct interactions farmers can know the requirements of the customers and better produce their meat products.

Using this app, farmers, slaughterhouses and all other parties along the meat production and processing chain upload EPCIS events, e.g. birth, breeding, fattening, slaughtering, cutting, packing/unpacking, sending/receiving and selling. Other supply chain parties can capture and upload their events directly from their ERP systems to populate EPCIS repositories with meat data and thus support transparency of the marketed good.

Application Details
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