Greenhouse Crop Analyser App The Greenhouse Crop Analyser app aims to help a professional agronomist to create helpful consultancy reports that are generated based on farmers’ requests information (Greenhouse Crop Monitoring App). The crop expert performs the diagnosis by evaluating all the collected and produced information and considering the helpful report received from another consulting firm expert. The created consultancy reports are sent back to greenhouse farmer (Greenhouse Crop Monitoring App).

Developer : MOBICS
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The Greenhouse Crop Analyser App addresses the remote plant disease/pest identification. Specifically, the professional agronomist receives requests for plant disease/pest diagnoses from farmers (Greenhouse Crop Monitoring App) and provides the proper diagnoses. This application provides all forms required for allowing the expert to perform the diagnosis by evaluating all the collected information. The application presents the relative information which may be useful to expert in order to perform a valid diagnosis. The collected information involves greenhouse, field, crop and request details. If the crop expert considers that the request information is not adequate, he is able to ask grower for additional information. Furthermore, he is able to search for historical data (calendar events, previous requests and sensor data) of farmer’s greenhouse in order to obtain a global view of greenhouse status. One more feature of the application is the agronomist’s possibility to ask for further advice another consulting firm expert. The consulting firm expert has access to the same information as expert in order to provide his advice back to agronomist. Finally, the professional agronomist is able to perform the diagnosis evaluating all collected information. Such a report contains pest/disease identification and the severity of crop disease. Moreover, the expert can recommend a specific pesticide, adding optionally a hyperlink for that pesticide information and implementing proper control measures.

BENEFITS This app addresses the remote plant disease/pest identification in an instant and easy way. Moreover, each professional expert is able to ask for further advice another consulting firm expert and finally to send real-time responses upon available farmers’ requests.

Application Details
  • Name : Greenhouse Crop Analyser
  • Type : Web, Widget
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis : Chrome, Firefox
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  • License : Free to use