Greenhouse Monitoring & Advice app The Greenhouse Monitoring & Advice app is used by the farmer to receive expert advice on the actions that must be taken inside the Greenhouse, in order to maximize the efficiency inside the Greenhouse. In addition, the app user has the ability to monitor the conditions in his Greenhouse using the Monitoring dashboard, on which the various sensors along with their current values are illustrated.

Developer : NKUA
Contact : Sokratis Barmpounakis,

In the context of the Greenhouse Monitoring & Advice app, the sensor values of the Greenhouse are forwarded via the Greenhouse Farm Management System (FMIS) to the Advisory (Expert system) via FIspace. The farmer is using the Advice Request App to view the advices & actions to take, provided by the expert system, in order to maximize the efficiency of the Greenhouse’s production.

The app comprises two main utilities. The one –namely Greenhouse Monitoring- provides a dashboard to the user, which depicts the actual sensor values, so that the farmer is aware at real time of the Greenhouse conditions. If needed –according to the monitored real-time values-, the farmer may realize a manual request for expert advice.

The second utility provides the feature of viewing the appropriate actions to take inside the Greenhouse. These actions may have been generated either automatically by the expert system that receives the sensor readings, either by a manual response by an agronomist that is also using the specific app and just monitors the conditions inside the Greenhouse.

Application Details
  • Name : Greenhouse Monitoring & Advice App
  • Type : Web, Widget
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis : Google Chrome, Mozilla
  • Demo : : FIspace Widget (available on Wirecloud)
  • Video : :
  • License : Free to use