Product Information App

Product Information App Application that enables stakeholders of food supply chains to capture and forward quality-related product information and to provide feedback across enterprise borders, providing the basis for monitoring product quality and deliveries along the chain.

Developer : ATB
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PIA is an application that reaches beyond enterprise borders and realizes a chain encompassing exchange of information between actors across the whole food supply chain, reaching from production agriculture to retail. This application provides a solution for many problems the food chains are presently experiencing. It provides transparency across the chain on product characteristics, product quality, characteristics of production processes (e.g. inputs in agricultural production), logistics, tracking and tracing needs, and more. It also provides the basis for monitoring product quality and deliveries along the chain. At retail, PIA provides the interface for applications that communicate information to consumers. Beyond its reach across the chain, its innovation is in the separation of the information exchange into a sequence of individual apps that are run by individual enterprises, i.e. it is not based on a central data management approach. The central data management approach of previous systems has been the core barrier for adoption of information exchange solutions by the food sector. This innovative approach, enabled by the FIspace platform, has the potential of being adopted by the sector beyond individual applications. The key features of PIA are:

• Initial capturing, adding, forwarding, aggregation and disaggregation of product information with fine-grained access control
• Receiving product information (accumulated along the supply chain) for incoming goods, providing quality feedback to suppliers
• Secure exchange of product information between supply chain stakeholders, supporting private data sources with access management
• Enabling decentralised information storage, while also allowing shared storage, just in accordance to end-user preferences
• Company confidential data can be made available as appropriate, taking into account requirements of business agreements with different partners or individual situations in the supply chain
• Establishing traceability by linking incoming and outgoing goods
• Facilitating data acquisition using templates that can be created based on requirements of partners, products or transport conditions
• Master data management

Application Details
  • Name : PIA
  • Type : Web
  • Supported languages : English
  • Supported basis : Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera
  • Demo : :,
  • License : Closed source (prototype code)