Quality App

This app is relevant for quality experts and evaluators of the quality of flowers and plants throughout the supply chain. It comprises a data entry module for capturing the current quality characteristics of the product that are gathered in representative samples by quality professionals. Also it enables the recording of quality deviations and the addition of presentative product and clarifying deviation photographs. Based on the entered characteristics, the user is enabled to provide an overall quality estimate. In the background, all characteristics and deviations are coded according to the sector standards of VBN.

How it works

  • Identify batch: the RFID tag on the trolley is scanned to identify the current batch or product lot.
  • Enter product quality characteristics: the quality characteristics can be entered through simple drop down menus.
  • Add deviations: product deviations can be added and valued with similar drop down menus
  • The final quality estimate can be added on the bottom.


Real-time insight in the current product quality of product batches throughout the supply chain.

Developers of the application and contact person

Developer: Eugene Westerhof, LEI Wageningen UR
Contact person: Robbert Robbemond, LEI Wageningen UR