Scheduling App

The Scheduling application collects the required farm operations from the Farm Management Information System (FMIS) each time a new farm operation is planned or one of the planned farm operations is executed. It collects also the availability of resources (men and machinery) as specified by the FMIS. After each update of Workability Data from the Workability Data App an optimal schedule for the farm operations is calculated. The cost of the operation, including additional labor cost in overtime, the cost of inputs of which the quantity may vary by the time of application, and the effect on the yield level by the time of the operation (the timeliness cost) are factors determining the optimal schedule.

How it works

The Farm Management Information System (FMIS) send an event to the FIspace platform each time a field operation is finished, or a new operation is required. The scheduling App is informed and collects the updated data.

After an update of data on field operations or on workability data a new schedule is calculated and an event is send.

The FMIS collects the proposed schedule for the operations and the resources to perform them.


Optimal time of field operations, not too early, not too late! ISO11783 Tasks can automatically be generated from the proposed schedule.

Developers of the application and contact person

The scheduling App is developed by DLO_ASG, one of the contract research organizations of Wageningen University and Researchcentre. Contact: Daan Goense,

Why using FIspace

  • concentrate on further development of optimal scheduling algorithms.
  • the information on required field operations and available resources is already present in the Farm Management Information System of the farmer and can be made available Through the FIspace platform.
  • data on workability can be provided by a bureau specialized in determining workable conditions based on weather data and requirements for particular field operation techniques.
  • make the scheduling app available for all farmers worldwide.